WUG 2017 Training

This year’s WUG has a stronger emphasis on product training. Through product training sessions and face-to-face support appointments, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to realize faster results.

Over the two days of the conference you’ll get to take 4 different training classes. Each 2-hour session is taught by a Winshuttle expert and will include a hands-on component to help speed up the learning process.

You do not need to sign up for classes when you register for the WUG – you’ll be able to select your preferred sessions as we get closer to the event date.

New for WUG 2017: Continuing Education Credits

Need continuing education credits for your professional certification? Now you can get your credits by attending training sessions at the annual WUG Conference!

For each 2-hour session you attend, you’ll get 2 credits toward maintaining your accountancy certification (or any other certification program accepting NASBA Computer Software and App credits) or toward your Certified Data Management Professional certification.

Over the two days of the WUG conference, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 8 total credits! All included in the price of a WUG conference pass.

See the NASBA and DAMA websites for more details.

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Courses offered at WUG 2017 include:

Transaction Basics

Level: Basic     Product Class: Studio

This is a entry level class where we’ll cover a Transaction introduction, and how-to’s, including: skip screen, skip field, cell based mapping, which recording modes to use, and more.

Transaction Intermediate

Level: Intermediate     Product Class: Studio

Ready to take your basic Transaction usage to the next step?  This class will cover advanced run options, Ifs, Loops, and cell-based mapping for those intermediate functions (to separate it from Basics cell-based mapping topic).

Transaction Advanced

Level: Advanced     Product Class: Studio

For seasoned Transaction users, this class will show you how-to use long text, document attach, transform messages, end sessions, and data transforms. We’ll also delve into GUI scripting, troubleshooting scripts, Access DB, and the use of more advanced t-codes.

Query Basics

Level: Basic     Product Class: Studio

This is an entry level class where you’ll learn how to create single table downloads and filter criteria, and you’ll leave with a better understanding of SAP Tables.

Query Advanced

Level: Advanced    Product Class: Studio

For those seasoned Query users, this class will cover alternate mappings/data sources, transforms, complex queries, and troubleshooting scripts.

Studio Solutions

Level: Intermediate     Product Class: Studio

In this session you’ll learn how to use Query and Transaction together to build more comprehensive solutions.  Some of the top use-cases we’ll cover are: roundtrips, pre-data, script linking, and auditing data.

Journal Entry

Level: Basic     Product Class: Studio

This session will cover the basics of using Winshuttle Journal Entry to eliminate manual data entry and post ledger and journal data more efficiently. You’ll learn how to post and park entries, schedule accruals/deferrals, and how to customize templates.

 Composer Basics

Level: Basic     Product Class: Foundation

For those new to Composer, we’ll go through the creation wizard, deployment, basic design elements, and approval loops. We’ll work on workflow building and will cover changing scripts to XML.

Composer Advanced

Level: Advanced     Product Class: Foundation

This advanced session will help you take your Composer usage to the next level.  We’ll cover changing field types, advanced elements, other data connections, form views, and troubleshooting solutions. We’ll also delve into some advanced features like SmartTables.

Excel Workflow

Level: Intermediate     Product Class: Foundation

In this introductory class on one of our newest offerings, Excel Workflow, you’ll learn all about the product and how to build workflows. The session will cover building workflow solutions with Excel as the user interface.


Level: Advanced    Product Class: Studio

Learn how Direct will allow you to use BAPIs and RFMs to access relevant objects from the Business Object Repository (BOR). We’ll also cover templates for API enabled SAP business processes, distilling BAPIs to appropriately handle SAP data.

Dashboard Creation in Power BI

Level: Basic     Product Class: Foundation

This session will teach you to use the most popular Power BI solutions to analyze Winshuttle Foundation data. You’ll learn how to discover bottlenecks in key processes, track your KPIs against SLAs, and better manage workflow distribution.

Harness the power of Excel

Level: Advanced   Product Class: Studio

In this session you’ll learn how to enhance your Winshuttle processes by using a better Excel template. We’ll cover how to use macros, VBAs, formulas, layouts, & more.

Face-to-Face Support Sessions

Experiencing some Winshuttle aches and pains? The Doctor is in!

All WUG 2017 conference attendees will have the opportunity to meet and work face-to-face with a member of the Winshuttle support team to work on resolving any issues you may be having with the software.

Within a 25 minute session, you can:

  • Learn a new trick about Winshuttle
  • Talk to a Winshuttle employee about best practices
  • Get a solution to any road blocks you’ve hit

Sign-up for support appointments will be available via the conference app summer 2017.

If we’re unable to get the information or solve the issue within the time period, a support case will be created and the session will be continued after the conference with our support staff until it is resolved.