The Golden Brushy awards celebrate savvy Winshuttle users who have new and interesting use cases and are doing great things with our products! Winners are announced and honored during a ceremony at WUG. Check out the Golden Brushy Hall of Fame for a look back at winners from years past.


Golden Brushy Hall of Fame

Atlanta, 2017

James Bona


James Bona has been an outstanding Winshuttle champion and advocate. He got up and running with Winshuttle so quickly, his sales rep Claudia said she’d never seen anyone pick it up so fast! He’s been a fantastic resource in his community and a passionate presenter at his local WUG. He saw the value Winshuttle could bring to his organization early on, and has been instrumental in helping expand Winshuttle usage across different teams and departments.

Techie Devilleres

Coca-Coca Bottlers Business Services

Techie Devilleres is truly a Winshuttle Evangelist for her organization. She and her team have delivered multiple use cases throughout the business in Southeast Asia and globally including rolling out workflow functionality for master data, and turning around business requests 70% faster – with reduced headcount. She continues to advocate for Winshuttle by presenting in Australia, at customer user groups, and the annual WUG conference. Ms. Devilleres is extremely knowledgeable about Winshuttle solutions and has gone above and beyond to spread the Winshuttle news and support other organizations as a Shared Service approach to Winshuttle development.

Julie Mazurowski


Julie Mazurowski is a remarkable Winshuttle leader within Cargill, and has attended every WUG conference since 2012! She is always looking for new ways to automate and maximize usage, and has helped expand her organization from just a few users to over 400 worldwide. Ms. Mazurowski an invaluable member of the Winshuttle community, and essentially created and leads the Winshuttle Center of Excellence within Cargill with herself and 3 other developers – creating and publishing all the scripts for the rest of the organization.

Carol Ameling

General Mills

Carol Ameling has been a great Winshuttle proponent for the last five years. She’s very active in the SAP community in Minnesota, and has been instrumental in managing the Winshuttle community within her organization, helping roll out an International Vendor Centralization program to 25 new markets around the world with over 600 new users. Ms. Ameling has always been willing to invest her time to provide valuable product feedback and help shape Winshuttle’s future roadmap, and is an asset to the community.

Erin Stone

B. Braun Medical

Erin Stone has been a top Winshuttle advocate for at least 10 years. Over the past decade she has made a huge impact on the Winshuttle community by speaking at SAP conferences and webinars, working on valuable case studies, leading the Philadelphia local WUG, and so much more. Her favorite quote is “Winshuttle is good for what you need it for and great for what you didn’t know you needed it for.”

Las Vegas, 2016

Best Master Data Practice

The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company considers their master data a strategic asset that needs a focused governance effort to ensure the quality required by the business. In order to achieve this, they’ve used the Winshuttle platform to create solutions for management of critical master data, including customers, materials and GL accounts. The company has a Six Sigma mentality and they have demonstrated how Winshuttle can be successfully used to take a Lean approach to management of master data.

Best Finance Usage


Hu-Friedy purchased Winshuttle with a few transactions in mind and began writing scripts to automate all of their complex financial transactions. One of their most valuable use cases is the upload & verification of KP06 data for their annual budget planning cycle. The automation of this process benefits over 100 departments and saves them several weeks’ worth of time during one of the busiest times of the year. They are constantly discovering new use cases to bring value to the entire company, AND they’ve officially phased out their “other” software.

Biggest Business Impact


Pactiv used Winshuttle to create a process to copy an existing manufactured item – including the Basic Data, the Bom, Routing, CAPP and cost – and create a new item changing only the Item number, description, and adding the ability to create a new component (box/Bag/etc). Previously, the process from start to finish took the MDO team over an hour to manually enter all of the data – now it takes 5 minutes. This has resulted in huge time savings in their Facilities that change art or packaging print on a wide range of products.

Winshuttle Hero

Luke Ross, Sobeys

Luke Ross from Sobeys exemplifies the values Winshuttle strives to live by. He was nominated by his colleagues not only because of the sheer volume of solutions he’s created for the company – but also because of his commitment to serve as a mentor to others. He has trained most of their developers, and holds workshops to help end users see the potential of what can be accomplished using Winshuttle. He is the first point of contact for any and all Winshuttle questions in Shared Services and is known for resolving issues efficiently and effectively.

Best Master Data Practice

Cooper Tire

In an effort to reduce time to market and improve material planning processes, Cooper Tire developed a complete end-to-end PLM process solution that allows the possibility of dozens of new materials, in a single request. The implementation of this process significantly reduced data entry, increased data quality, and enhanced visibility into the end-to-end PLM process, and its status and gaps. They’ve been able to shift from managing the data to managing the process, which is where even more process improvements can be made.


Fort Worth, 2014

Best Master Data Practice

ConAgra Foods

ConAgra Foods’ Data Management Organization has taken onboard Winshuttle as a strategic platform for improving all master data processes related to new product introduction, including workflow solutions for Finished Goods, Semi-Finished Goods, Raw Materials and Packaging Materials.

Best Finance Usage


Moen, the #1 faucet brand in North America, implemented Winshuttle to streamline its formerly paper-based capital expenditure request (CER) process, making it far more transparent, intuitive and traceable.

Lean Data Management Pioneer

Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly used six sigma methods and business value assessments to quickly and accurately identify key processes to streamline with Winshuttle. The results were stunning – they recovered over 5,400 days of SAP processing time, streamlined sales order processing, and accelerated bookings/revenue recognition.

Biggest Business Impact


Tesoro, a fortune 500 independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products, went live with Winshuttle in their Quality Assurance team this May. In just 6 months they’ve realized a full payback on their Winshuttle investment and have gained the flexibility and control necessary to make immediate impact on their business processes

Most Innovative

Woodgrain Millwork

Woodgrain Millwork, a moulding and millwork manufacturer and supplier, has developed and implemented numerous Winshuttle Workflow solutions focused on customer master data. Additionally they took part in the beta testing of the new Composer product and have been instrumental in a number of invaluable improvements to the product.


Brussels, 2014

Best Finance Usage

Eamonn Matthews, The Coca-Cola Company

Best Master Data Practice

Anke Schuetz, AZ Electronic Materials

Technical Excellence

Melissa Hollingsworth & Mahmood Mohammed, Smith & Nephew

San Diego, 2013

Most Innovative

Lance Yoder, Rockwell Automation

Best Finance Usage

Tonya Garner, Pepsico

Best Master Data Practice

Tonita Young & Lisa Sack, Johns Manville

Technical Excellence

Robert Jamerson, United States Sugar Corporation

Biggest Business Impact

Ashley Prince, Phillips 66

Winshuttler of the Year

Sandy Hatfield, Walt Disney Studios

Atlanta, 2012

Kentner Cottingham


Maria Amate & Bill Vieira

Honeywell International Aerospace

Lisa Wiley & Tanya Allgood

The Coca-Cola Company

Christian Salling & Karsten Lund

Maersk Global Service Centre